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What is
APIsec Free ?

APIsec Free scans APIs and identifies vulnerability to automated, malicious attacks without authentication.

Over 10,000 Scans Run

Trusted by, 1000+ Companies

How APIsec Free Works



Automatically scans the environment to uncover APIs, endpoints, parameters and payloads

Run Security Test

Run Security Test

Executes a suite of security tests, including broken authentication, PII leakage, injections and fuzzing, and more

Identify Vulnerabilities

Identify Vulnerabilities

Reports any insecure endpoints and other vulnerabilities, rating how attractive your API is to automated attack

APIsec University

Join over 25,000 application security professionals and develop your API security expertise.
APIsec University offers free courses taught by industry experts at APIsec University.

Earn your APIsec University badge for API Penetration Testing!

This course, taught by Corey Ball (author of Hacking APIs), provides detailed workshops on API hacking techniques and how to uncover vulnerabilities and logic flaws in APIs.

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